We are OiiO Studios.

OiiO Studios is a creative and multidisciplinar design studio with its base in the centric street of Gran Vía-Madrid from where we work for our clients who are from all parts of the world.

Our target is fixed in different areas when it comes about productivity and marketing, offering an integral service of graphic design, editing and video animation; and design + programmation of websites.

Our Team.

We are composed by a team highly qualified team of designers who perform graphic, video and web programming works. During years, we have successfully completed with the demand of our clients, that put their trust in us since the very first moment, being loyal to OiiO Studios.

About OiiO Studios

Javier Valero

    About OiiO Studios

    Victor San José

    Graphic Designer
      About OiiO Studios

      Mario D'Miguel

      Graphic, Web & Video Designer
        About OiiO Studios

        Diana Andreea


          All of this has been carried out due to a good management and professionality of the team, that always followed key rules for the realization of our projects. These rules/guidelines are totally adapted to the clients and the brand personality that we work with.

          ‘’You imagine it, we design it’’

          Our projects are divided 50/50 between the imagination and the application of the following points:

          • Fixing terms and conditions: knowing and taking into account the expectations of the clients and fulfill them since the first moment is key.
          • Having a defined briefing: before starting a project, having a clear idea about the design (what is the activity of the company?, what is the image they want to express?...). The briefing will be given by the clients with the help of the designers. if needed.
          • Establishing design strategies.
          • Determine the deadline of the project.
          • Avoid the copyright, making sure the project does not transgress any law. The designs carried out by OiiO Studios glow because of their authenticity, because is the result of the client’s briefing (who always desires something unique and special) and the creativity of the designers.
          • Continuous consideration of the client: we always make a an updating of the client’s valoration, consulting is the work we do is successful or needs any modification.