Hit a before and after in your business.

Due the global situation, the companies are suffering from a drastic decline of the incomes and need to get much strict ways to promote themselves through the Online Marketing. That's why the comerces, businesses and companies have to get adapted to this situation to recover the normal activity in the most effective way possible and the solution is: the plans of graphic design, animations and video of OiiO Studios.

Even before the arrival of the pandemy, the increase of the Online Marketing through socialmedia had already a heavy weight as a way of promotion of services and even of the own brand image but, in the actual situation, all of this has turned into a must do so the businesses can fight this crisis

Boost your business image.

In the first place, we offer a graphic designplan that includes different services as the design of brand image while graphics of them in different formats and sizes

In second place, we put to disposition an attractive video design plan that can show the product in a very visual way by the editing and assembling of videos and different types of animations.


  • Flat rate of graphic design: from USD 150/month
  • Flat rate of animations with After design: from USD 200/month
  • Flat rate of video design and editing: from USD 250/month

*Consultar condiciones de las tarifas planas personalizadas para cada cliente.

Other Options.

  • Web design and development: for the selling of online products and brand visibility, ECommerce in the World Wide Web.