Time to Reinvent your Business.

Due to the global situation that is affecting the Globe, the companies are suffering from a drastic declination of their income as all the physical sales-points are being obligated to close or have few clients affluency.

For this reasons, the commerce and the businesses have to adapt to this solution so they can recover their activity in the most effective way possible and the solution is: the E-commerce.

Even before the arrival of the pandemia, the increase of the online shopping has evolved more and more and each day we see new platforms of E-Commerce and businesses that give your order at home.

In OiiO Studios, we trust that you can always make it happen:

  • 1. We design the website for your business.
  • 2. We show a catalog of your products.
  • 3. The website will be developed in a way that you will be able to have orders in a safe method for your and your clients.
  • 4. You will be able to sell your products without leaving home and you will maintain your most loyal customers.
  • 5. You will discover new consumers that will take advantage of this attractive modality of E-Commerce that will end up being your clients.
  • 6. We help you to positionate your business in Google

Diseñamos páginas webs adaptadas a la imagen corporativa del cliente mediante una estructura bien analizada para que así se puedan mostrar sus productos/servicios de la manera más práctica posible.


For making all of these a reality, from OiiO Studios, we want to offer you payment facilities and for it, we have created the Covid-19 plan with the next fractionated payment method:

  • First payment: 25% for starting the project.
  • Second payment: 25% when delivering the project.
  • Third payment: 25% to be agreed with the client.
  • Forth and last payment: 25% to be agreed with the client.

If you want to reinvent, adapt and update your business starting a new path in the online world, do not hesitate to contact us.